March 18, 2021 Release

Accordions can now be made! This uses pure HTML w/out the use of Javascript.

Horizontal Rule Variant is now available. It is applied using a code snippet instead of the article editing toolbar. You can also just apply the CSS class yourself.

Tables have accessibility requirements such as header cell labels and captions.

3 Card Layout for KB Articles remediates the x-axis overflow issue that appeared when you would use the Category Description 3-Card Layout code in a regular KB Article.

Meta Tags now have the basics as well as tips to improve your indexing.

Default Fonts are now in place. Unless you toggle the font-family drop-down menu in the editor to something else, Institute Communications' typefaces will be applied.

Next In the Queue:

  • Call Outs

  • Buttons (call-to-action)

  • KBA Template examples and guides

  • Video embed requirements

  • Attachments how-to

  • URL Linked Content

  • Attachments & paperclip

  • Headings: Accessibility Requirements

  • Font Sizes

  • How to use Code Snippets

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