Contribute To the Design System

One of the best ways to influence the visual language of the service portal is by contributing to the design system.

If you have an idea, suggestion, or if something in the KM Design System isn't working for you, please submit an Enhancement Request.

You can request anything from a writing standard to a new web component; however, it's important to include the following points in your submission:

  • Short Description: Include KM Design System in the text field, followed by a few words to describe your suggestion.

  • Description: Provide an overview of your idea. A picture is worth 1000 words, so please attach any images that might help communicate your idea.

    • Default: What should be the standard? For example if you're suggesting a rotating star web component, then how large should it be and in what color?

    • Variants: Are there any variations to the default configuration?

    • Use Case: In what scenario should other contributors use this in their knowledge articles?

    • Do's & Don'ts: Provide examples of incorrect usage of this element as well as correct examples. Please include descriptive text if you have mockups or images.

    • Code Snippet: Is there a piece of code you recommend to implement this feature? Is there a standard template that other knowledge contributors can copy/paste and customize?

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