Accordion Bug

When using the "Paste as Text" feature to customize an accordion, the article editor may produce an HTML artifact in the source code that reads as open="open". See the snippet below for an example.

<details open="open">
<p>The premise of the show is, because it&rsquo;s the world according to Jeff Goldblum, it&rsquo;s me with all the information and experience that my life has entailed up til this point now plopping me I go the world of and exploration of one thing or another. It&rsquo;s not as if I do some extra homework/research/bone up on it so that I tend to know something about it and then tell you about it. No, it&rsquo;s not like that.</p>
<p>&mdash;&thinsp;Jeff Goldblum, host[3]</p>

As a result, your accordion(s) will be expanded upon page load. This may be a desirable effect


Open the HTML source code and delete the open="open" bit of code.

Select "OK" to close the modal window and save your work.

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