Images can aid in communicating your message or facilitate your instructions. They can provide clarity to abstract ideas or messages and can show users how to complete a task.

Alt Text

Alt text is a way to label images, and it's especially important for people who can’t see the images on our website. Alt text should describe the image in a brief sentence or two.

For more on how and why we use alt text, read the Writing for Accessibility section.


Your images should be pre-sized to exact dimensions prior to uploading them into an article. This ensures that your user will see your content as you intended and reduce the load times of your knowledge article.

Do not depend on the ServiceNow editor to resize your images for you. If you do not have editing capabilities, submit a ticket for assistance.

To ensure a seamless experience across all devices and platforms, it is a good practice to use standard image ratios: 16:9, 3:4, 1:1.

Use the tabs below for sample image sizes in each ratio.

800px width, 450px height

This is the largest width you can use for any image. KB articles have a max-width of 800px that your image cannot exceed.

Use case

400px width, 225px height

This size is ideal for supplementing content and side-by-side comparisons.

Use Case

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